• XBOX LIVE GOLD 12 MONTH (Instant Email Delivery)
  • XBOX LIVE GOLD 12 MONTH (Instant Email Delivery)



    Region: WORLDWIDE
    Manufacturer: Xbox
    Publisher: Xbox
    Model: XBOX LIVE GOLD Game
    Genre: Xbox
    Product ID: 57
Availability: IN STOCK
Delivery: Instant email delivery


With your Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership card you have the opportunity to join to the online community and work out a unique electronic identity with an Xbox LIVE gamertag and configured Gamer Profile. The ability to send and receive both voice messages and text, as well as Xbox LIVE members get in their friends on Xbox LIVE is guaranteed to all members. Visit Xbox LIVE Marketplace as the one-stop digital download centre to get extra content related to the game, such as characters, free trailers, new levels, demos and armor. Exciting, casual, and extremely addictive Xbox LIVE Arcade games are also available for buying and downloading straight to your Xbox 360 system.

Key Features

Receive your favourite games, music, movies and so much more on your TV, tablet and mobile.

Have no troubles finding TV shows, games, movies and music on Xbox 360 with Kinect – just use your voice!

Enjoy Kinect and controller games playing online with your friends.

Your mobile or tablet may easily become your second screen for the advanced game and entertainment experience.

Surf the net on your TV using Internet Explorer for Xbox.

Buy Xbox Live Gold Membership 12 Month instantly and download games online!

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